Tom Hajduk About Me Description


I have over 10 years web design experience, examples of which you can see in this online portfolio.

I am designing and developing websites every day. During my career I have not only worked with advertising agencies but also with my own clients as a freelance graphic designer. I have deep knowledge of current web design trends and techniques, understanding of responsive web design and user experience design.

I am familiar with building wireframes and creating mock ups, banner ads (animated/static), animations, photography, newsletters, icons, designing logotypes or whole corporate identity, not to mention the leaflets, posters or printed banners. I am used to working under the pressure of time and deadlines, while maintaining uncompromised client satisfaction.

In my work I value a proper briefing, planning and understanding the customer’s needs as early in the process as possible. However, I am also flexible when it comes to change requests and try to accommodate the client all the way through the project. I like to take on new duties and broaden my experience. I am aware of my strengths and weaknessesand I am dedicated and good with problem solving.

In my opinion my experience in working in a fast-changing environment makes me a good leader. Over the last 8 years I managed a printing house and its employees and later a Mix & Match designers team. I assigned duties to my co-workers and ensured all the tasks are completed on schedule.

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