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About Me

Over 12 years of experience

Although I’m working in the advertising world I have never spent a penny on an ad for myself.

During my career I have worked with all kind of agencies: PR, HR and Advertising. All my clients are spreading the word about the good work that I did for them. That’s the best advertising you can ever have. A honest, spoken word. Try me.

I can help you with…

Any graphic design no matter how complex. Creating a product or ad campaign. Building fresh websites and clean landing pages. Branding, rebranding and employer branding it’s a piece of cake. I’m used to working under the pressure of time and deadlines, while maintaining uncompromised client satisfaction.

There’s more!

I have deep knowledge of current trends and techniques. In my work I value a proper briefing, planning and understanding the customer’s needs as early in the process as possible. However, I am also flexible when it comes to change requests and accommodate the client all the way through the project.



I create unique brands for companies as corporate style and brand are the most recognisable all over media.

digital design

Sometimes you just need to add an image for your post or to the e-mail that you’re sending. Let me know!


Each of my designs begins with a blank canvas which allows your content to guide the layout.

Employer Branding

Employer’s reputation as a place to work in times with such a large staff rotation is an important aspect. I’ve got the know-how!


It doesn’t matter if you need posters, flyers, citylights, billboards or any other type of printed media.


If you don’t want different people to deal with your campaign, I work closely with photographers and animators too.


My Experience

Actually when I was younger I wanted to be an architect. Unfortunately my drawing skills weren’t good enough so I started to using Pen Tool. After almost 20 years I’m glad that I had that Paint pre-installed in my Windows 3.11.

Freelance Designer (2005 - Current)

NEED A DESIGNER? – London / Gdańsk
I did my first paid project when I was sixteen, 10 years later I started my own agency where I do what I love.

Lead Digital Designer (2015-2017)

I‘ve learned in practice what a perfect project management is. I did many product campaigns in UK and India and learned a lot about digital marketing.

Fashion Graphic Designer (2011-2015)

These four years were a challenge for me. I accepted offer to become Fashion Graphic Designer and after all achieved perfect results.

Designer / Print Manager (2009-2011)

CASUS – Grudziądz
Thanks to that job I was able to create advertising campaigns for Poland’s largest chain of adult education schools TWOJA-SZKOŁA

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Reduta Wyskok 4/0.09, 80-741 Gdańsk

Phone: +48 660 073 254


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